November 07, 2012

"Oh, Willie, Please..." is finished! New video shoot in LA! Exclusive MP3 this Friday for PledgeMusic Supporters...

Hey folks,

Been a long minute, but we're tickled pink to share some exciting news... We've finished mastering our new album and the artwork is complete. We're working on manufacturing & official release plans now. More on that very, very soon.

We're also a few short days away from what will most certainly be an unforgettable video shoot in Los Angeles. Our dear friend & filmmaker, Jared Varava, has stepped up in a big way with a big script full of big, beautiful ideas for the first singe off the album, "Pretty Polly." He's cast David Yow (The Jesus Lizard) & Tricia Vessey (Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai) for the leads, and we've booked an actual ghost town for the location. Also, we hear there will be horses. And a fog screen. And a funeral procession. And so on...

While each of those things I just mentioned is truly awesome, none of them are truly cheap. If you have already pledged, we thank you a thousand times over. If you haven't pledged & you're on the fence, now would be a grand time to jump right in. If you just feel like pledging again & again, well then you get free hugs for life. If you've every fancied yourself the executive producing type, please consider signing on to help make this video come to life.

Here's a little video Jared put together to better explain what we're aiming for this weekend...

And by the way, we're giving away an advance MP3 copy of "Pretty Polly" this week, an exclusive to Pledgers & Pledgers only. Friday's the day for said track, which will include the album cover art as well. Pledge early, pledge often.

We thank you for your time & eyes & ears. You rule. Royally.



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April 17, 2012

Murder, Mayhem, Our New Album & You. We Need Your Help!

Greetings, friends.

So we've really done it now. We've decided an album full of muder ballads & love-gone-awful-wrong tunes is in order, and we've teamed up with PledgeMusic to make it happen. Here's the scoop. We've plucked ten traditional folk songs from the public domain and we're in the process of dressing 'em up to play nicely alongside the rest of the Vandaveer catalog. And that's just the tiny tip of things...

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April 05, 2012

Spring US Tour Dates Posted

Spring has sprung, and with it a bag full of Vandaveer tour dates throughout various eastern portions of the US. Click around right here or over there for more details! See you fine folks soon...



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