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Vandy 2015 courtesy of The Fanged Robot
It has been one long hot summer minute since we last posted an update here. So much has changed in the land of Vandaveer since our last correspondence. Rosie overcame a swift and destructive house fire in July, in no small part due to the love and generosity of so many of good people we’ve met along our long and winding road. Tom, in between myriad studio sessions, spent time on both sides of the Atlantic performing with our good friends, The Mynabirds. For my part, I uprooted from DC and returned to my beloved home state of Kentucky. Change. It’s the one true constant.
Speaking of which…
We’re beyond giddy to welcome long-time collaborators, co-conspirators and dear friends Robby Cosenza (The Fanged Robot), Emily Hagihara (Ancient Warfare) and Justin Craig (Hedwig & The Angry Inch) back into the fold for a string of upcoming shows. They’ll be joining Rose, Tom and yours truly for a short run over the next few weeks. All the details can be found here.
It may take some cajoling. It will likely require skullduggery. And it most certainly will involve sleight of hand, but we fully intend to take this merry band of music makers out for further and farther dates in the very near future. They’re an incredibly special bunch, and we’re going to need them for what lies ahead. More on all that soon enough…
For now (and forever) we thank you again for your time, your attention, and your continued support.
Be well. We’ll see you soon.

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